Tuesday, January 8, 2008


I haven't thought this all out yet, but if you have been paying attention at all to the primary results in New Hampshire tonight, one thing is very clear...


Candidates are targeting college campuses and 20-something voters like never before. On the democratic ticket, lines have been drawn between middle-aged women and young urban college students. The young adult vote WILL make or break the democratic nomination.

I heard an interview on "All Things Considered" on NPR yesterday that I wish I could find the transcript for. They were interviewing the people on the streets who are campaigning for these candidates. One of the Clinton campaigners was complaining that too many young adults are supporting Obama. This person said that the problem with young voters is that they vote with their hearts, and not with their heads. She said that if young adults stop to think about who will be the most experienced, long-standing, and successful candidate, then they would vote for Hillary. I got the feeling that she was basically saying that we, as young adults, don't think very much about our choices, and that our inexperience may lead to wrong decisions.

This idea that young adults are inexperienced, unmotivated, too emotional, or somehow less able to make an intelligent decision is just wrong. This election is falling on the young adult vote in many ways. Nominations will be determined because of what we think. Presidents will be elected. We are NOT the FUTURE of this country... we ARE this country. We want change, and we will follow our hearts to get it. That's not wrong! That's what great countries are made of! We wouldn't be Americans if we didn't hope for something better for ourselves and our future families. Isn't that what the American dream is all about?

My husband will be able to vote this November for the first time since becoming an American citizen. I hope that you understand what a great gift it is to be able to participate in free and fair elections, in a country where the results will be respected, and order will prevail. It is not like that in many places in the world, including the country Pierre emigrated here from.

Please, if you are not registered, GET REGISTERED. The Democrat and Republican primaries will be held in Pennsylvania on April 22. Other states are voting sooner. Find out when your state has its primary, and GO VOTE! And then go again in November to support the nominee for your party.

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Anonymous said...

Bonsoir Rebecca;

Vous avez en participant au triomphe d'Obama donnez une léçon au monde entier. Vous êtes AMERICAINS passé à la vitesse supérieur. Le monde vous doit respect et fierté. Le monde vous doit honneur et gratitude.

Puisse donc Dieu, qui a su vous inspirer, lui donner d'être un grand Président.

merci encore, car vous êtes notre fierté.

kindest wishes for you all.
May God bless USA