Monday, November 19, 2007

Warm Deacon Fuzzies

A lot of people have asked me if I feel different now that I am a diaconal minister. I don't really. Am I supposed to have warm deacon fuzzies or something? I am glad I have finally accomplished this thing, though--it took me 5 whole years! I had 2 years of seminary, 2 years of contextual education, diaconal ministry projects, spiritual direction, and at least a year doing a lot of spiritual wrestling trying to figure it all out. Lots of people complete this process in a lot less time than it took me!

Anyways, here are some pictures from my big day:

This is Trinity Lutheran Church, where I am serving. The sanctuary was decorated for All Saints' Day, which was the day I was consecrated.

That's Bishop Claire Burkat, me, and my husband Pierre. At the beginning of the consecration, the bishop called up members of my family, staff, and council to stand with me.

During the service (that's Pastor Becky Eisenhart on the right).

My sister Tina is presenting me with my basin, pitcher, and diaconal stole.

All done! Do I look like I have warm deacon fuzzies?

I am really thankful to have finished this process, to be serving in such a wonderful synod and congregation, and to have such great friends, family, and colleagues surrounding me!

**If you want to know more about diaconal ministry, consecrations, or any of that sort of stuff, read my post from September 25, 2007**

Friday, November 2, 2007


This is just silliness, but I wouldn't have it any other way. Sometimes it is tough to be serious all the time.

This is my kitty:

Ooops. Let's try that again. This is my kitty:

Her name is Pandora. She is crazy. My parents fondly refer to her as the "Evil Demon Kitty." She usually isn't too evil, just as long as you don't forget to feed her. One time, I was coming home late, so it was Pierre's job to feed her. However, when he got home from work, he put on his shorts and went to the gym instead. Pierre forgot to feed the cat! Never do that! This was the result:

Our VCR really paid the price for Pierre's forgetfulness. We no longer have a VCR.

Pandora is actually a really good cat. Really. I love her. Having a pet is good for the soul. They never judge you, and they love you no matter what. Pandora always cares about me, no matter how rotten I've been or feel. All she wants is to sit on my lap and be petted (oh, and be fed on time).

Talk about grace! I guess this post had a theological bent after all....