Friday, November 2, 2007


This is just silliness, but I wouldn't have it any other way. Sometimes it is tough to be serious all the time.

This is my kitty:

Ooops. Let's try that again. This is my kitty:

Her name is Pandora. She is crazy. My parents fondly refer to her as the "Evil Demon Kitty." She usually isn't too evil, just as long as you don't forget to feed her. One time, I was coming home late, so it was Pierre's job to feed her. However, when he got home from work, he put on his shorts and went to the gym instead. Pierre forgot to feed the cat! Never do that! This was the result:

Our VCR really paid the price for Pierre's forgetfulness. We no longer have a VCR.

Pandora is actually a really good cat. Really. I love her. Having a pet is good for the soul. They never judge you, and they love you no matter what. Pandora always cares about me, no matter how rotten I've been or feel. All she wants is to sit on my lap and be petted (oh, and be fed on time).

Talk about grace! I guess this post had a theological bent after all....

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Lifi said...

Nice cat! I mean cute (if we don't consider the VCR damages). There is this one cat that comes to visit me every once in a while. She is very nice and likes to hang out with me. I guess she gets lonely sometimes and needs someone's attention (who am i kidding(?)- we all do!