Friday, February 16, 2007

Why aren't YOU in church?

I want to know! Is it because...
  • It's too boring?
  • It's no fun?
  • It doesn't speak to you?
  • There's nobody your age?
  • You don't feel welcomed?
  • What is that "music" they're playing, anyways...?
  • You're questioning your faith?
  • Something else (I could go on...)?

Tell me why in my Young Adult Discussion. All comments will be treated with respect and care.


T.J. said...

wellm ny church is kinda boring sometimes. I love everyone tehre, but soetimes i wanna wring their necks, they have changed their policies so much

TheGoebelThree said...

Unfortunately there was a limited number of people my age at church when I was in high school - our confirmation class had 4 people in it. This led me to slip away from the church setting. Thankfully the university that I attended had countless religious groups and associations throughout campus and I attended a few but not like I did as a child or teenager. So often churches have a hard time bridging the gap between teens through young adults as they aren't certain how to approach such a diverse group. It's when a young couple starts a family that the church "has something to offer" them. It's admirable task you've taken on and I'm certain you will succeed!

TheGoebelThree said...

This happens to be a question I've recently found myself asking. So often there is a sense of "loss of communication" between the church and young people (beginning in the latter years of high school through college). In my opinion there are no set guidelines in handling the diverse range of events that occur during this important time period in our lives. A typical church is more comfortable and "better prepared" to handle families, young childern, etc. While the university that I attended did offer many religous groups and associations throughout campus, and I did participate in a few of them on occasion, they never seemed like home. It's a difficult task you've taken on Rebecca, but I'm certain that you will succeed in your efforts!

Rebecca said...

I also came out of a small confirmation class/youth group of 4 girls. Each of us has taken very different paths in life, which in itself speaks to the variety of experiences and backgrounds of young adults.

I think you may be right--many churches don't know what to do with young adults. They aren't providing anything that serves their unique needs. What do you think churches can do to be "better prepared" to minister to young adults in all their varieties of life situations?

And what about this "loss of communication?" How can we fix that? How can we get our congregations to step out of their comfort zones and begin new and valid ministries with young people?